Having a skype call with your best friend



Oh man, not the baby pictures. So embarrassing.

You are embarassing


My new bookmark is badass


Left 4 Propane 2


Left 4 Propane 2

Saw the gold cloaks fling him down, saw Ser Ilyn striding forward, unsheathing Ice from the scabbard on his back, saw the moment… the moment when… she had wanted to look away, she had wanted to, her legs had gone out from under her and she had fallen to her knees, yet somehow she could not turn her head, and all the people were screaming and shouting, and her prince had smiled at her, he’d smiled and she’d felt safe, but only for a heartbeat, until he said those words, and her father’s legs… that was what she remembered, his legs, the way they’d jerked when Ser Ilyn… when the sword…


Bee and PuppyCat #1 First Printing Is Sold Out

Bee And PuppyCat #1 Sells Out of Its 17,500 Print Run

Congratulations, Natasha, Garrett, Britt, Madeleine, Shannon, and all the great folks at BOOM! Studios.

A second printing is in the works (see the above cover by Leslie Hung). It will hit stores on June 25, a week after the release of #2.

And a big thank you to all the fans who purchased one.

The Superman one they did is even funnier.